2017-18 Season Ending Cyclones Chatter

Happy Friday and welcome to all hockey fans to the final Cyclones Chatter Page of the 2017 – 2018 hockey season….. it’s a Sutherland Cup Championship season for our Listowel Junior Cyclones hockey family.

For the past 8 seasons, I have had both the privilege and the honor to write the Cyclones Chatter Page inside each home game program; sharing with you my thoughts, feelings and observations about our beloved home town hockey team that dons the Red, White and Black jersey. It has been quite a journey in that relatively short period of time – over 400 regular season games as well as about 80 playoff games, more or less. Every season has been unique in its own right. None more so than this very special 2017 – 2018 season.

This was a season where this team and this community bonded together in unison and forged a path of ascension into the ethereal dimensions of hockey heaven. After previous hockey seasons of darkness which were marked with toil, hardship, frustration and setback; the veil covering the pathway of the journey was finally lifted – and the way towards the pinnacle of the summit of success was finally revealed. Out of that previous darkness, emerged a new and shining light; and in that brilliant beam there was a glowing energy – an energy fueled by the wisdom of experience, courage and strength – all rooted in a quiet knowing that there could be no boundaries, just infinite possibilities.

The success of this year’s team was built on the result of countless hours of hard work, dedication, effort, sacrifice, sweat, grit and true passion for wanting to become the best. There were no short cuts granted and there were none taken – Coach Jason Brooks and his staff made absolute sure of that from the first day of camp in the 2014 – 2015 season. Today’s success is the fruit of labors begun in earnest 4 years ago.

The success of this year’s team was forged by the trials and tribulations of that first year, shaped by a heartbreaking first round 4 game exit the following year and seasoned by a breakthrough third season, clinching first place in the Midwestern Conference and then coming back from two games down to win the Cherrey Cup in dramatic fashion, only to lose the Sutherland Cup semi finals in a similar dramatic fashion.

The success of this year’s team was galvanized by the spirit, camaraderie and the chemistry of the players themselves who banded together and bonded tightly to each other as brothers.

Backed with the tireless, unreserved and unwavering support of the Cyclones team executive, the hockey staff, our sponsors, billets families and our loyal fans, this team rose gloriously to the occasion.

A deep, heartfelt thank you and expression of gratitude to all who made this season such a memorable and unforgettable experience to write about, to enjoy, and to treasure for a long, long time to come.

After 8 months of thrilling hockey, it will be an out of balance and empty feeling with no Friday night home game and no hockey family “to rush home to” this evening. This is a typical “Cyclones Withdrawal” phenomenon that happens to all of us in our hockey family at the end of every season. This spring, the emptiness of the withdrawal will be filled by the memories and feelings of such a fantastic season capped with a tremendous finish. Have a safe, happy and exciting off season everyone !!!

Bleed Red, White, & Black !!!!! Way to Go Cyclones !!!!! 2018 GOJHL Sutherland Cup Champions !!!!! 🌪️🏒🥅🏆

Ohhhhhhhhhhh What Fun Indeed ……. How Sweet It Is 😊

(PS Thank you Ghost Writer Roja 💃😊🤗!!!!!)


Dean Trentowsky, Listowel Cyclones’ Executive Member