2024 Cherrey Cup Finals – Individual Game Tickets

Adults $15
Seniors $12
Students $12
Children 12 & Under $8

*CASH ONLY (no ATM or debit/credit)


Cyclone Regular Season Flex Pass 2023-24

This is exciting folks! The Cyclone Flex passes are on sale now. You can get them at all home games at the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex.  How can we get away with these outrageously low prices you may ask? We do it for the fans. Let’s fill the rink this year!  We thank Bornholm Produce for being the Official Sponsor of the Flex Passes once again this year.

Here’s what you can do with your FLEX PASS:

  1. Go to every single home game yourself
  2. Share them with a friend
  3. Share them with many friends
  4. If you have any left over, sell them or give them to someone who will come on out to the games.

You can always buy another flex pass during the season and here’s the best news of all…the ultra low prices that we will be selling them for.

Adults $140
Seniors/Students $100
Children 12 & under $70